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A ‘voice’ for our times SHE SAYS Dinah S. Ventura 09/29/2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A ‘voice’ for our times

Dinah S. Ventura
From Little Big Star third placer to YouTube sensation to Hollywood find, pop star Charice Pempengco is living the Filipino’s American dream — or, as one fan shares in ANC news, “Charice symbolizes every American dream of any and every single American immigrant.”

The 18-year-old’s life is the stuff of telenovela hits, complete with pain, suffering, discovery and triumph. She grew up in a small town and was raised by a single mother. The absence of a father and a life of constant struggle did not dampen her desire to succeed. Charice continued to dream, and dream big. Like many Pinoy wannabes, she joined many singing contests — some say over a hundred! — hoping to change her small family’s fortune.

But that is not the reason we all love the “little Filipina with a big voice.” Charice’s rise to fame and fortune is certainly very inspiring, but that is not all there is to it. All of us are struck by her phenomenal success, more often than not rendered speechless by a talent that was first fully appreciated for what it was by non-Filipinos, thanks to the breadth and speed of today’s technology. We love Charice because she represents some part of us that desires to break out of the mold — that person within that dares to dream and imagine big things happening to his or her life. Filipinos want to be successful and respected; we want our country to shine on any “stage.” Charice has been able to fulfill these dreams for herself, and she is sharing the glory with her kababayans..... MORE

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