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Too late the rehearsed explanations EDITORIAL 09/11/2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Too late the rehearsed explanations

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From all indications, Noynoy Aquino was pretty well rehearsed and scripted for his press conference where he spoke of the moves he made. The press conference the Palace set up for him with just three anchors from three Aquino friendly TV networks was meant to portray Noynoy as not lacking in leadership and was on top of the situation all throughout.
Aquino, after all, is now being perceived locally and globally as having no leadership apart from being highly incompetent and unfit for the presidential throne.

There is doubt that he has restored his damaged image just with that rehearsed press conference, especially since not even the international or Hong Kong media, and print media were part of the panel. Was he scared of more direct questions from this media sector?

Also, Noynoy gave this press conference cum panel discussion some three weeks late, and noticeably, after the inter-agency probe body wrapped up its investigation and interviews, which would have given him and his image makers enough time to check out all the moves, the timing and the appearances of the police team and officers and even the Special Action Forces (SAF) to weave the stories together from where he then could fill up the blanks, and portray himself as having followed the crisis throughout and having barked orders to whoever was supposed to be in charge..... MORE

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