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A scandal in the making MR. EXPOSE Amb. Ernesto Maceda 07/30/2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

A scandal in the making

Amb. Ernesto Maceda
President Aquino announced in his State of the Nation Address (Sona) that he has received an offer of $100 million from a business group/developer for the lease of the two Philippine Navy bases, the Headquarters at Roxas Boulevard adjacent to the PICC and the Bonifacio Naval station which is also the Headquarters of the Philippine Marines, adjacent to Global City and Forbes Park. Both properties have a total area of about 30 hectares. He confirmed the advanced negotiations at the Philippine Star anniversary.

It’s a creative solution to the Philippine Navy’s shortage of ships. But it should go through a transparent process. Considering its location, it appears that the $100 million or P4.5 billion offer is low for 300,000 square meters adjacent to Forbes Park. Forbes Park lots sell at P85,000/sq.m.

It should, therefore, be open to public bidding with a minimum bid set at $300 million at least. To begin with, an objective appraisal of the value of the two properties must be made before the bid is set.

And if the sale of Fort McKinley and the proposed sale of government properties in Japan are recalled, there should be congressional authority secured to allow the sale or long term lease of these valuable properties. And the Historical Commission must be consulted. The policy of selling prime government land must be fully debated. Are we going to lease Malacañang Park or part of Rizal Park?... MORE

SourceThe Daily Tribune

URL: http://www.tribuneonline.org/commentary/20100730com4.html

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Anonymous said...

Sad but true. It is the duty of all citizens to be vigilant before the FOIC admits that he is one of the village people. Benta ng benta pero saan na yung pera napunta?

In da neebeee...you get to sell these properteees...in da neebee Pagkamalan kang lalakeee... in da neebee..in da needee..in da neebee.

Ladies and gentlemen a big hand for the FOIC.

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