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‘Good people’ HE SAYS Aldrin Cardon 07/21/2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

‘Good people’

Aldrin Cardon
It would have been an unnoticeable television crawler had it not been news from the Palace. The crawler, or those words that crawl below your TV screens which are similar to newspaper headlines, claimed President Noynoy is finding it hard to scout good people to fill the many appointive positions still vacant in government.

I guess the emphasis of that news was on the “good people” whom Noynoy, or his so-called search committee, has to find if he is intent on fulfilling his campaign promise to lead us all toward his “matuwid na landas,” or the righteous path.

It also put Noynoy in contrast with the past administration whose much-maligned leader, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, whose propensity to appoint her and husband’s cronies was beyond question.

But just how big was the difference between them was put under the spotlight at almost the same time when the Palace spun that angle about finding “good people” to be named in Noynoy’s government.

Juana Change, the sosyalerang overweight character of Mae Paner who was a hit in so many anti-Gloria rallies then, and later a big attraction in Noynoy’s campaign sorties, was first to expose the new Kamag-anak Inc. that has taken over government very soon after the exit of the Arroyos.

The Cojuangcos and the Aquinos, however, have to give way to the Abads, this time. And Mae (or Juana), just could not accept that government positions, very important and powerful ones at that, seemed to have been reserved for members of just one family.... MORE

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