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Download: Fact-Finding Report on the Death of Gregan Cardeño

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

 Download: Fact-Finding Report on the Death of Gregan Cardeño

National Fact Finding Mission
March 02 - 04, 2010
Zamboanga and Marawi City


Background of the Mission

 On February 03, 2010 around 2:00 in the afternoon, Cardeno Family was informed by SPO3 Ali Guibon Rangiris, PNP-Marawi, that Gregan V. Cardeno, 33 years old, interpreter of US troops (JSOTFP-Balikatan) in 103rd Brigade, PA, Camp Ranao, Datu Saber, Marawi City committed suicide by hanging himself in his room in the barracks of US troops whom he work for as interpreter.

Unindentified US troops brought the cadaver of Gregan from Marawi City and arrived in Zamboanga City on February 03, 2010 around 4:00 in the afternoon. Cardeno family met the cadaver at la Merced Memorial Homes and observed several puncture wound, contusions and hematoma in the head of the cadaver.

Cardeno family doubt that Gregan committed suicide because the victim had prior conversation to his wife and sister, confessing that he was not brought in Cotabato, instead to Marawi city and the nature of his work is inconsistent to what he is asked to do when he arrived in US barracks in 103rd Brigade, PA. The family also doubts the report of PNP and US troops because of the wounds they saw during autopsy of the cadaver...

Findings of the Mission

After conducting a simultaneous interview with the three groups (PNP, 103rd Brigade adn the US Troops), the FFM team observed the following:

  •  Conspiracy to conclude that the cause of death is suicide and conceal facts tending to prove otherwise.
- Upon questioning of the FFM team SPO3 Ali Guibn Rangiris admitted that they only conducted a cursory examination of the body.
- he preservation of the material evidences in the crime scene was not dealt properly
    "they did not take with them the bed sheet allegedly used by the victim to hand himself.
    " the cellular phone of the victim was left unsealed. He told the FFM team that they found the phone empty (phone book, inbox/outside messges, pictures) while in fact SPO3 Ali Guibon Rangiris used the said phone to contact a family member on February 3, 2010 at around 2:00 in the afternoon to report that they found Gregan hanging inside his room.
    "Gregan's body was left by the Police to the care of the US troops upon the insistence of the latter that they will be the one to send the body.
- The Photos taken by SPO3 Ali Guibon Rangiris showed that the victim was wearing green T-shirt, Maong pants with his underwear partially shown. On the contrary the cadaver was delivered at La Merced Memoria Homes in Zamboanga City and when the family opened the body bag filled with ice cubes the cadaver was without shirt and wearing only a camouflage cargo shorts. ... MORE

URL: http://www.bulatlat.com/main/2010/03/11/download-fact-finding-report-on-the-death-of-gregan-cardeno/


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