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Shabby treatment FRONTLINE Ninez Cacho-Olivares 06/25/2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Shabby treatment

Ninez Cacho-Olivares
Evident in the offers of three government positions offered by Noynoy Aquino to Jojo Binay is that these were offers that Noynoy knew, even before he made them to Jojo, that the Vice President-elect would reject.

Put another way, Noynoy doesn’t want Jojo in his Cabinet, despite the fact that Jojo was legitimately elected by close to 15 million Filipinos, which is no different from about the same number of voters who cast their vote for Noynoy, according to the official count.

This means that while Noynoy and his disparate team want to crow about his 15 million votes, and for the Filipino people to respect and accept his mandate, he does not want the same respect and acceptance of the mandate given by the electorate to Binay, who represents the masses’ vote.

That was quite insulting of Noynoy to offer the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chairmanship to a vice president-elect, considering the fact that this MMDA position is certainly the beneath the station of an elected vice president with a solid mandate.

Sure, Noynoy may be the President of the Republic, but he allows himself to be advised, guided and influenced in his decisions by the unelected within his circle, and even worse, Noynoy does not appear to give any weight to, and respect for, the solid mandate given by the sovereign Filipino people to Binay.

But that being the case, why should the Filipino people be expected by him and his yellow elite groups to respect his mandate, when he himself does not acknowledge and respect the mandate given to the Vice President?

The truth is, Noynoy’s stand toward Binay makes him the lesser man, and even going down in pubic esteem.

From the start, he kept his distance from Binay, and even as Binay, when asked by the media, what Cabinet position he would like to have in an Aquino ll administration, when he said his preference was the DILG, Noynoy quickly slammed this, saying that he has someone else in mind, and in an insulting tone, even said that he and Jojo do not share the same vision.... MORE

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