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Midyear blues SHE SAYS Dinah S. Ventura 05/31/2010

Monday, May 31, 2010

Midyear blues

Dinah S. Ventura

Tomorrow is June 1, and the month is rife with occasions we have come to expect every year: the start of the school season, Independence Day celebrations and Father’s Day are three of the most common (since bonuses are not).

Then again, the month also reeks with issues we have come to dread year in and year out.

For instance, with the start of the school year, we train our sights on the state of our education, the sorry condition of many of our public schools, the inevitable tuition price hikes and the plight of out teachers, who may as well be crowned as the new martyrs of the millennium.

This year is particularly special as school is about to start, parents are busy scouting around for the most affordable school supplies, and the rest of us are still arguing about the recent national elections... held in our schools and helmed by our teachers, no less.

The rumor mill is cranking up with murmurs of a plan to push the issue of a failure of elections, which the mongers say is the whole point behind all the stories suddenly coming up on alleged anomalies and irregularities in the automated elections.

If that were so, who would stand to benefit from a declaration of a failed elections? That may well be the question we should be asking ourselves, too, rather than just getting ourselves agitated with masked men and technical mumbo-jumbo.

We also hear that on June 12, President Gloria Arroyo will have a big celebration, highlighted by a long speech no doubt brandishing her administration’s achievements. (And some people, I think, will be celebrating the country’s approaching ‘independence’ from her, no doubt.)... MORE  

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