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Like lolo like father like son? By Ronald Roy COMMENT 04/22/2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Like lolo like father like son?

By Ronald Roy


In a way, I feel sorry for Noynoy. He looks like a little boy suddenly thrust in the man-size war zone of politics. Egged on by opportunists, misguided clerics, arrogant elitists, and lately the meddlesome Time Magazine, he now basks in the vanishing afterglow of Edsa l, proclaiming a right to the presidency on the basis of family relations. He would have us vote him for president because he is the son of Ninoy the slain martyr and Cory the revered saint, the grandson of a public servant named Benigno Aquino Sr., the brother of famous TV host Kris and the brother-in-law of basketball superstar James Yap.

Unfortunately, Noynoy has nothing much to show for himself except as an alleged participant in the massacre of farmers in the family-owned Hacienda Luisita and the owner of a sub-standard legislative record. The scary part is he now threatens to hose down a nation on fire. But for the fact that Noynoy seriously exalts his lineage as the underpinning of his quest for the presidency, I would hate to rake up the past of dead people. However, we now stand in the electoral doorway to freedom, and it would be rank treason if I chose not to uphold the truth that is supposed to set us free..... MORE

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