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Citizens oppose towers to save environment SPECIAL FEATURE 01/31/2010 Dear Editor:

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Citizens oppose towers to save environment



Dear Editor:

I write to support local action groups now opposing construction of more condominiums in Metro Manila. Reports have recently appeared in leading newspapers of QC barangay residents opposing a condo project, and the formation of a group at Oriental Gardens Makati. In QC, the objection is to further increase traffic density as a threat to life, limb and amenity. In the Makati case, Federal Land has proposed to construct a third tower
on what was previously marketed as a two-tower site. In opposing this project the residents have been picketing, leafleting and even using YouTube to warn off prospective buyers. They are also taking legal action.

Why is this militancy spreading across Metro Manila? First, there is a sense that the interests-financial, environmental, social, and health of ordinary people are being trampled on by the large “developers.” A feeling of betrayal exists, a lack of participation in the important decisions affecting their lives — no consultation, no transparency and often what appear to be unfair, immoral practices. Second, no accountability. The institutions of the political order show little interest and take even less action to stop the devastation of the urban environment. This is more than the loss of some historic trees, however lamentable that is. The loss of open spaces has serious effects on us and our children, as does the air and noise pollution caused by increasing population density and motor vehicle traffic. Clearly, there are high, very real, social and financial costs to the country..... MORE

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