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WWF Tops List of NGOs Which are Best for Business Support (24 Nov. 2009)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

WWF and Forum For The Future lead the growing numbers of NGOs advising top UK firms on environmental issues, according to a new report from industry analyst Verdantix.

The report placed WWF as the top NGO for business advice, hailing its breadth of resources and its practice of using strict environmental criteria to only work with selected firms - a move that ensures its credibility as a green charity is not tarnished.

Forum For The Future took the silver medal, with the report arguing that it boasts a strong awareness of the realities of running a business, and as a result provides businesses with commercially and financially viable advice.

A number of NGOs were also praised by the report for offering strong specialist advice, with the Carbon Disclosure Project singled out for its guidance on carbon management, the Green Alliance highlighted as one of the best sources of policy advice, Tomorrow's Company hailed for its best practice sharing, and Fauna & Flora International and the Forest Stewardship Council recommended for advice on bio-diversity and forestry issues respectively.

The study found that 50 per cent more CSR directors plan to work with an NGO on water scarcity in 2010 compared with 2009, while 57 per cent of respondents intend to launch NGO-related activities on climate change adaptation in 2010 compared to just 40 per cent in 2009.

Report author Rodolphe d'Arjuzon said NGOs could expect to see increased demand from businesses in a number of new areas from next year, with "running a sustainable business, water management and climate change adaptation topping the list".

The study evaluated offerings from 12 environmental NGOs and interviewed 30 CSR directors at FTSE 100 companies. They said the primary business benefit from working with NGOs is their ability to validate and challenge sustainability strategies.

Respondents also warned that while having an understanding of business is important, NGOs should not dilute their value to businesses by stifling criticism or working too closely with firms.

"They must not get seduced into believing they must always be aligned with business, and should maintain a carrot and stick approach," observed one CSR officer at a major retailer. (30)


24 Nov. 2009

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